An Uncertain Future But a Future All The Same

So, the day has come and the Government have announced that we can now social-distance our way back to work, back to school, back to outside, back to other people. The guidelines are clear – Stay alert, control the virus, save lives. People are being urged where possible to return to their places of business, which is fantastic news. But what for those who’s livelihoods are not there yet, or worse still are never returning – It’s incredibly tough, and tougher times are still to come.

Furlough has been extended to ease the economic burden, but as a realist I know that some things will simply never be ‘normal’ again and this has given to days and weeks of honest reflection I am sure, for all of us. This forced new pace of life has been for so many eerily liberating, with Fitbits vibrating madly at the steps achieved and the poor exhausted dog in tow. Homes have never been so tidy and clean, and gardens and window boxes never before so well maintained. Many have learned new things and broken old habits.

We have taken time to communicate – even a quick call in to the vets has become a genuine conversation. Individuals smile more despite the two-meter rule, courtesy has appeared. We know better our neighbours and broker new friendships in the most unlikely places. We are communing with those far away, be it by letter, text, media or video. Will all this change again soon – I really hope not – The new found interaction has to be at least one positive surely?

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This alarm-free pause in life has been somewhat guilt-ridden, and yet it has bought about an inner peace that I struggle to put down in words. I miss desperately being ridiculously busy, but simply do not miss the speed at which I realise my life was rushing by. Please do not misinterpret this as becoming lazy, but I have had time to just be with my son Noah, to read with him, do homework, play games, teach him new things. My husband and I have thrived as a team. I think his realisation of what actually goes into running a house in addition to a days’ work was eye-opening because he is on board with the daily household things in addition to all those ‘quick’ DIY jobs he’s undertaken.

I meant to get in touch with so many people prior to furlough, and have actually found the time to do it. It has been good to drop a text to family and message friends I’ve not spoken with in a long time. I have been proud to ‘hit’ the local Ambulance station with treats and to leave snacks and gifts for the care home staff who are looking after my own father so well during this troubled time. Our postie Andy will certainly gain weight with all the chocolates he’s received locally and the bin men too. We have all shown our appreciation to those still out there on the front lines in our own way.

I have had the opportunity to write a little for myself too, as well as some pieces to assist friends with their businesses by way of articles and blogs, and I have done this gladly, with no agenda other than to assist those around me while I cannot be of use in the world as usual. It has given me a sense of purpose away from the on-line personal development I attempted to bombard myself with and housework.

Anyway, I wrote this just to get it out, with no real course or angle except to say that although this has been horrific in so many ways, and our hearts go out to those who have lost loved-ones. We will all know struggle I am sure in the not too distant future, but some good may well have come from this unprecedented time in our lives. Let’s keep our eye on the positives and learn to rebuild, not brick by brick, point for point but perhaps different, a better way of living and enjoying each day, appreciating the people we have around us.

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