MKCS Launch New Website for Cleaning and Sanitising Services

We are thrilled with the final results for this incredible website and look forward to more projects with the MKCS team very soon! – MKCS launch new website for cleaning and sanitising services

MKCS Cleaning and Sanitising Services

On virtually every surface you will ever encounter, be it at work or in the home, shopping, using a sports or spa facility, on a park bench, on public transport or on an aeroplane, viruses such as Covid-19 and MRSA, norovirus, influenza and E. Coli, as well as bacteria and fungi lurk silently and they are attacking the worlds’ population. And we won’t even start on about the textile insects and pests on every day used furnishings yet. But there is a solution to this alarming statement of fact.

“Let MKCS sterilise your world, ensuring a safer future for the next generation”

The professional team of Cleaning and Sanitising experts at MKCS are waging a germ war and thanks to our dedicated and professional team, our clients, be they domestic, commercial, or the public sector have gained a new found confidence in just how clean and sanitised their spaces can be, how safe their families, staff, clients and patrons are when they walk through the door.

With the dawn of a ‘new normal’ there is also a new clean and sanitised way of how our daily lives will run, be it at home, at work or during our leisure time – The world will never be the same again. The outbreak and continuing concerns over Coronavirus and Covid-19, being just one of many debilitating and deadly viruses that the world is now having to deal with in every aspect of life, each and every day. MKCS launch new website for cleaning and sanitising services.

MKCS launch new website for cleaning and sanitising services throughout the South East of England.